Twisha Varma-Lead Generation Expert

Attention all the coaches & consultants!! I will help your business generate quality leads and earn more revenue through online systems and processes.

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About Me

“Lead Generation and Sales are Lifeblood of Every Business”

I empower businesses to earn more revenue through Outbound and Inbound lead generation processes.

Since the time I was in college, I always wanted to explore the Digital Marketing field. I started my career from Business Development; cold calling as many prospects as I could. Soon, I discovered that cold calling method is not the right way to approach a prospect. Therefore, I switched on to other methods like Email Marketing, Content Writing etc. and converted as many clients as I could.

2 years into Digital Marketing, my friends and family encouraged me to start my entrepreneurial journey and here I am starting my Freelancing journey as a Digital Marketer.

So, if you want to get more leads and convert them into your lifetime customers then you are at a right place!!

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I help businesses solve 2 Biggest Challenges

Most of the businesses today don’t have their sales processes in place therefore they face issues in maintaining a constant flow of revenue. I help businesses mainly coaches and consultants overcome this issue through outbound and inbound marketing systems.

Generate More Appointments

Appointment Generation is a very important step in establishing a strong sales structure in your organization.  I provide B2B appointment setting services for getting in high quality Leads.

Get More Sales

Closing a prospect is the second most important step that comes after generating an appointment. Currently my closing rate lies between 15-20%.

Companies that I have helped getting more Leads

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