“5 Important Tips to learn Digital Marketing without having a technical background.”

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Learn Digital Marketing without any coding or technical knowledge

Are you scared to learn Digital Marketing just because you don’t have any technical background?

Do you think that Learning about digital marketing requires technical knowledge?

Then Let me break it you that it’s not what you think!!

Though Digital Marketing has a “digital” part associated with it but nowhere it is necessary to have a pure coding and other scientific knowledge to learn this subject.

When I started my career in Digital Marketing, Even I didn’t have any skill pertaining to digital part of marketing, but I didn’t lose hope. I made sure that I get all the basic understanding required in this field. In today’s era it is highly important for all the business owners and marketers (also people belonging to other fields) to have expertise in this field.

As we all are aware of this old adage that “change is the law of the nature” this change in the field of marketing should be looked up to and we should all upgrade ourselves in accordance with it.

All the people who fear that Digital Marketing is all about various digital techniques and theories then Hold On!! As I am going to share few tips with all of you where you can learn digital marketing without any prior technical education.

Important tips to consider if you want to learn digital marketing without having scientific knowledge

1. Focus on Marketing and not on “Digital”: – Though “Digital Marketing” may look like a field requiring a lot of technical knowledge but it is not true. Digital Marketing is just another branch of marketing which has been in rage for quite some time know. With changing times, it is essential to learn digital marketing even if you don’t have any practical knowledge in this field.

If you have marketing knowledge, then it will be very easy for you to learn Digital Marketing as this field requires more of marketing knowledge. Therefore, you must not have heard of any marketer who does not know about this subject. Even if any marketing professional doesn’t know much about it then either he is or he will learn this topic as it is mandatory to accept the changes in the field you are expert at.

For others also who want to build their career in this field, it is recommended to concentrate on the marketing aspect as in Digital Marketing it is only the change of the channel through which we approach our target audience and not otherwise.

2. Required Basic Knowledge: –  Now If you have decided to pursue your career in this field then Congratulations!! To you as you are on the right path.

Since now our decision is taken, it is required to gather basic knowledge about our field. If you dream to achieve laurels in this field, then it is highly recommended to clear certain basic concepts which will help you to build your base in digital marketing.

Buy basic digital marketing courses online from either Udemy or Coursera. I will recommend you to use Udemy as it has a whole lot of courses available at cheap prices which will make you learn certain terms and concepts that will be beneficial for you in the future.

When I was a fresher, I bought a course from udemy and started learning all the basic concepts, at first it was a bit difficult as I was learning something new but then I developed friendship with all the new terms.

At first, it may appear that learning these new terms and concepts is not your cup of tea but trust me people if you allow yourself to learn something new then it will be not that difficult for you too and as I developed friendship with all the course content, one day you all will too have all the words on your tips.

3. Say Hello to Digital Marketing Tools: – Now when you know what is digital marketing and have learnt the basic things to keep you going in this field, it is recommended to know that digital marketing is a vast field which covers the following subjects: –

Social Media Marketing

E mail Marketing

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Graphic Designing

Video Editing

Conversion Optimization & many more…

All these are the main fields of digital marketing and have certain tools associated with it. It is mandatory to have basic knowledge about main tools associated with each of these fields, and trust me people it is not a very difficult task. When you will spend more time learning and enquiring from the people of this filed then you will get used to it.

4. Initiate on your own: – At my time, When I was finding implementation of this subject a bit uneasy, I heard a professional telling “Start on your own”

As we all know that charity starts at home therefore, this implementation should also start from home. We all have access to Facebook and Instagram. Build up your own page and invest certain amount in Facebook & Instagram Ads and people this is the easiest way to learn and gather more knowledge.

In starting we will fail but gradually, we will learn and be expert in the field. Secondly, you can take some projects and work on those for free. This will help you to build your portfolio. In future when going for the job, you can show the profiles which you have already managed and this will help you bag a decent pay for yourself.

Gaining practical knowledge is mandatory as clients out there will gauge you on the basis of your practical skills.

If I tell about myself then I bagged 2-3 projects which I did for free. I created ads, wrote content, managed social media profiles which helped me to implement what I learnt.

So don’t worry, just keep going!!

5. Focus on understanding your target audience: – One of the ground level thing in digital marketing is having knowledge about marketing. According to this it is important to know everything about your target audience.

Know the people who you are going to serve!! Know about their daily routine, the time when they get up, the time when they go to office, their pain points, their dreams and desires. Talk to your people, ask them questions and create a customer avatar.

Knowing these things will help you to understand your audience better and thus it will assist you to run your social media ad campaigns and use other digital marketing tools.


Digital Marketing is not a limited but a vast field. You don’t need to have a technical skill in order to learn digital marketing. It can be learnt by anyone and everyone who wants to acquire this skill.

You don’t have to be fearful as this field has a huge growth potential in the future. With everything becoming digital, this knowledge will become mandatory for the people. Therefore, learn it and excel at it. I hope now you are not getting scared in learning about digital marketing. So what are you people waiting for? Go & start your journey!!

Watch this video in order to get more information!!

Also do leave a comment down here regarding my first blog post on how did you like it!! Give your suggestions and help me out on what do you want me to write on.


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