The Ultimate Secret of Scaling Facebook Ads without spending Too much of your Money.

We all know that Facebook Advertisement is a proven way to reach your audience. Various kinds of campaigns have been run by us and now we want to scale our Facebook ads. But, wait What is scaling? Various readers might be interested to know the meaning of Facebook Ads Scaling.

So, Scaling Facebook ads means Maximizing the results of your ad campaigns. You might be thinking that it only includes increasing your Facebook Ads Budget. However, this is not the case, as there is much more to this.

For deciding to scale your Facebook ad campaign there are 2 questions which you need to answer: –

Do you have a high value offer in hand, ready to be given to your target audience?

Are you ready to take off the flight to expand your business?

If yes, then get ready as I am going to reveal few secrets behind scaling Facebook ads without spending too much of your money. Just hold on and fasten your seatbelts!! As this journey is going to show you various ways in which you can earn money from your Facebook Advertisement Campaign without spending Too much on these Ads.

1.Improve Lookalike Audiences: – Lookalike audiences consist of people who have similar qualities as your existing audience. Lookalike audiences can be created from your source audiences which in turn can be created using the data from customer information, website visitors, app activity, engagement, or any offline activity or an event.

We can select the audience size keeping in mind that creating lookalike audience which is 1% of the source audience will be most similar to your root audience whereas, 10% audience will be broader. I would suggest to you to start with a small audience size first and see how do they respond to your ads. Slowly and steadily increase your audience size to see their response rate.

By following this criteria, we can scale our ad campaigns     and expand our business. As more people will have a look at our products, the more people will buy it and finally we will be able to increase our revenue and profits.

2.Create a Facebook Ads Funnel: – Create a Facebook Ads funnel that will help you to approach your target audience at the right time. This will help you to create a scalable ad structure which will help you to bring new customers into your funnel.

For example: – At the top of the funnel you can place cold audience who is still not aware about your product. Run ad campaigns that will help you to make your audience aware about your products and services.

At the bottom of your funnel, place the audience who are evaluating their choices. Provide value to them in the form of Free E-books, templates or any other informational material etc. that will help them to build trust on your brand.

At the bottom of the funnel place the audience whose skepticism is low, trust is high and they are ready to purchase your products.

Slowly move the customers up your funnel and convert cold audience into your customers.

Marketing Funnel

3. Facebook Ads Automation: –  Facebook ad automation tool Revealbot, Hubspot, Ad Espresso etc. can be used to scale your Facebook ad campaigns. By using these tools you cannot only control your timings to post your content but also on your ad set selection.

Using these automated tools will help you to make your scaling adjustments in an error free manner all day long. While you can also do automations on Facebook automated rules tool but you can gain far more better results using other tools like Revealbot, Hubspot etc.

You can also test your ad creatives as well as create & test multiple ads & ad sets against each other to check most profitable combinations.

4.Target audience from other Geographical Locations: –  As you are already running your Facebook Ads, it is evident that you must be having an audience from a particular target area. But, if you want to scale your campaign then you must target people from other geographical locations as well, depending upon your products.

Your Facebook Pixel must have collected the data and from that you can infer the characteristics of your target customer, apply those to the audience in the new area. If people are receptive towards your products, then you are going on the right track otherwise you should pause your campaign.

Few changes and testing here & there will provide you a wider viewpoint and increase your revenue and profits by scaling your ad campaigns.

5.Avoid Audience Overlapping: – Audience overlapping means when two or more ad sets have similar audiences. When you try to scale your Facebook ad campaigns, this is a common phenomenon because you test different ad sets and ads against each other, however complications occur when these ad sets have almost similar audiences.

Audience Overlap amongst various audience types

Audience overlapping also increases ad costs which restricts scaling of ads. Your ultimate goal should be to keep your audiences as different as possible so that you don’t end up wasting your money competing against yourself.

So I really hope that you might have got some useful insight in all the methods I have discussed above and you now know various techniques by which we can scale ad campaigns without spending much of our money.

Scaling an ad campaign successfully requires split testing, creating advanced ad structures and moving ahead in a slowly and steadily manner. Showing patience while doing all of this is all that you need to practice as results will come but you all need to practice, practice and practice!!

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